Anger Management

Anger Management

angerAnger is a necessary and normal emotion and a natural response to threats. However, when it gets out of control and becomes destructive, it can lead to difficulties in your personal relationships, at work and in the overall quality of your life. All of our emotions need expression; sadness, pleasure, joy, fear and anger.

Learning to work with these feelings allows us to use anger as a means of positive energy. Welcoming anger with our partners can be an effective tool to express our disconnection while preventing one another from internalizing it. Full expression of our emotions allows us to reconnect with ourselves and our relationships.

If you are struggling with this often unpredictable and powerful emotion, there are many ways that Barbara can help you. Through specific techniques designed to understand and re-direct anger, you can learn how to manage these feelings for a useful and productive change in your life.

The Emotional Brain

The Brain governs all of our psychological responses. When we feel angry, it triggers disconnection and prepares us to flee, flight and raises our adrenaline.
To better understand the angry brain and how it works, click here: The Amygdala and it’s Allies.