Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

individual counselingThere are some problems that one cannot solve alone. Individual counseling is a thoughtful and productive way to resolve stress and achieve a clear understanding of personal goals. Making the decision to seek therapy can be difficult for many reasons, namely that one should be able to solve his/her own problems.

Psychological treatment is often thought of as self indulgent or weak and keeps people from seeking the help they need to restore their emotional well being. Whereas, if diagnosed with a serious medical condition, most people would not hesitate to seek prompt medical attention.

Similarly, Barbara works with individuals who are facing challenges in their personal, family and work life. As a trained professional psychotherapist with many years of experience, she provides a safe and trusting environment where you can express your feelings and begin to heal.

Preparation for individual counseling is important. For the best results, you should define your goals. Make a list of the issues, as well as feelings and events that are contributing to your distress.

Growth and understanding of oneself takes time, effort and the implementation of coping skills. Changing your behaviors and reaching a higher level of self awareness can be challenging, but once achieved the results are a happier and healthier you.

Working together, we can identify and implement effective solutions to improve your situation.

The hardest step is deciding you want to grow and change.