Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems
It’s no surprise that relationships take work. Every single relationship you may be involved in is unique and requires its own maintenance. We all would prefer the easy-going kind of relationships, but they too require fine tuning to keep them running smoothly. Sometimes even the most rock solid relationships break down, leaving people feeling disappointed, hurt, and even angry. No matter the dynamic, every healthy relationship requires effective communication. For many, that is easier said than done. That is where the help of a therapist comes into play.
Relationship counseling is at the core of my practice. People are struggling to connect, and often those attempts are short circuited by lack of the tools necessary to find and maintain satisfying relationships.
For relationships to become gratifying and enduring, or to heal relationships that are in jeopardy or damaged, there are common threads that must exist. These include open and honest communication, trust, willingness to change, and respect.

There are specific relationship issues that are most commonly seen in my practice,

These include:

·       Marriage Expectations/Pre-Marital Concerns
·       Infidelity-Extra-marital affairs or betrayals
·       Separation or Divorce
·       Blended Families/Step Parenting, Step-Children

Together we can discuss your unique relationship and explore the plan that will best suit your individual and combined needs.

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