Seeking therapy from Barbara Agran was a lifeline.
She kept me afloat when I learned of my husband’s betrayal and I was drowning in grief.
She helped me be brave enough to face a life that had stopped making sense.
She helped me discover the person I was.
She helped me shape the person I am today.
She showed me how to seek the truth in all things.
She has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Working with Barbara has been an incredible journey and I will forever be grateful for her coaching, patience and understanding.

Em. S.

I have worked with Barbara at various junctures in my life. She has helped me make some very difficult decisions and deal with the aftermath. She helped me to assert boundaries and to go through the grieving process. I needed to redefine myself after learning of my husband's betrayal. I had stayed married for many years because of our children and believed that we could work through our problems. We attended couples therapy where Barbara tried to help us focus on repair, but my husband had no interest. I had to face reality. We decided to divorce. Barbara helped us put closure on our marriage and gain great insight on guiding our children through this difficult transition. It was a painful journey but one that I had to travel. Barbara got me through it.

L. H.

Imago dialogue helped us in recognizing our childhood wounds, the baggage we brought with us to our relationship, the role we have in healing each other, and the responsibility we each have by giving it a voice and expressing our needs. Barbara provided a safe environment to share our greatest vulnerabilities. Now we have transformed our relationship from the brink of breaking up to a lasting source of love, companionship and marriage. Thank you Barbara.

Steve and Mike

“Thank You” for being a calming constant in my life. I recall your words, wisdom and voice during my daily routines and reflect upon our conversations often. You have helped me in ways that seemed foreign and out of reach prior to our sessions.

Liz O.

Barbara helped me define my life's purpose and vision for a future partner. I gained clarity and confidence. I am so grateful I had the experience of working with Barbara. It feels great to finally know what I want in life.

Anna S.

My wife thought we should get divorced. After counseling with Barbara we saw a new future for our marriage. Thank you Barbara.

Frank S

When I came to Barbara for individual counseling I didn’t feel comfortable dating. Barbara took me through The LifePartnerQuest Program and my own self discovery. I found out what I wanted for my life and relationship and it has been a truly enlightening experience. I must thank Barbara for helping me create my personal "vision." I am definitely more self confident now!